Matt West, a former professional baseball player, grew up in Southern California - about 2,500 miles from Moore County, NC. Compared to Los Angeles, Atlanta and even the Triangle area, the father of three prefers the ‘quiet, safe and aesthetically appealing’ life in Pinehurst.

After retiring from professional baseball, West coached and managed for the minor league circuit, including a two-year stint as manager of the Durham Bulls. He concluded his coaching career in 1996 and began working for Capitol Broadcasting Company and the Durham Bulls in sales and marketing. He then moved on to join the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club where, as Vice President of Business Operations, was responsible for running the day to day business for the team.  He left the Hurricanes after winning the Stanley Cup in late 2006 and founded Intangibles, LLC, a small consulting firm focused on sports and entertainment marketing based out of Durham.

Matt, his wife Juliana (also a California native,) and their daughters relocated to the Village of Pinehurst in 2010 after the unfortunate loss of Juliana's father. Her parents had moved to Pinehurst from Ventura, California in 2003. Juliana's mother Claudia loves Pinehurst, and the West's relocation means more time with three of her grandchildren.

Although Intangibles, LLC has an office in the Village of Pinehurst, West frequently works in the Triangle to be closer to clients and partners, including Capitol Broadcasting and the Ingram Collection.  The convenient, one-hour commute to the Triangle area makes it possible for West and his family to live in Pinehurst, where they can experience the historical and small-town feel that Moore County area has to offer.

“Quality of life is a priority,” Matt says of the Village of Pinehurst. He also cites the proximity to everything - the Triangle, the Triad, Charlotte, the coast - as attractive characteristics unique to the area.

Another aspect of Moore County’s appeal for the West family comes from the strong presence of a military community.

“It’s a terrific environment for our daughters,” Matt says. “(There is) engagement and appreciation for the men and women that serve our country. Many of our daughter's friends are children from military families.”

With its close proximity to Fort Bragg, the nation’s largest US Army complex, Moore County offers a variety of resources for military families, such as great schools, excellent healthcare and ample recreational opportunities.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, West also sees a definite future of entrepreneurship and opportunity in Moore County, as long as the community continues to invest in this effort.

"I think that if we are very intentional in our efforts to embrace and support small business, entrepreneurialism, and innovation, we can build a thriving next generation economy here that leverages our current assets, and attracts new ones," West says.

By creating this opportunity, West explains, his own daughters will be able and willing to live and thrive in the area.

West sees Moore County as a robust local economy that collaborates with regional population centers like the Triangle and Charlotte very effectively, and would advise any families or business people looking to relocate to the area that they could play a part in building that vision.

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