Jim and Elizabeth Fisher, in their Village of Pinehurst home called Little Hovse [House], are among the many around the Village enjoying the lifestyle initiated by the founding Tufts family.  Little Hovse was built in 1915 by James Andrews, a Quaker Oats executive, and later owned by Bob Tufts, son of James Tufts.

Jim and Elizabeth moved here from Muncie, Indiana in 2013.  “It took us a few months, but eventually we found Bob Tufts'  family home, hired an architect and a builder, and combined with Elizabeth’s inspiration and vision for the remodel, the rest is history,” Jim says. “Our many decisions about relocating have been very fortunate, and we're pleased in all aspects, especially with our many new, closeJim & Elizabeth Fisher friends who have chosen to live here too.”

Like many core-community-based residents, the Fishers enjoy living in the part of the village called Historic Old Town because they can walk or drive their golf cart to visit many of their friends and favorite places: be it for golf, tennis, taking the grandkids to Cannon Park’s playground or Pinehurst Country Club’s swimming pool, dining out, shopping, attending concerts on the Village Green, enjoying long walks through the Arboretum and historic village, or having Frankie from Carriage Tours pick them and house guests up at their front door for an enchanting horse-drawn carriage ride.

Living the good life in the Sandhills of North Carolina has been a homecoming of sorts. “My wife was born and raised in North Carolina and is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate,” says Jim, who still runs a family business back in Indiana that does not require his full-time attention. “I also have North Carolina roots from attending boarding school at The Asheville School and lived in Winston-Salem back in the early '70s. Additionally, Elizabeth's extended family remains mostly spread across the state, and some of mine winter in South Carolina.  We were looking for a more temperate climate than Indiana's and centrally located to our North and South Carolina families.”

In making their decision to migrate to Moore County, the Fishers considered their choices from the mountains to the coast, deciding the former had too much winter and the coast had its occasional hurricanes.  

“We wanted to be close enough to family but not too close,” he adds. “We also wanted access to good commercial air service, decent shopping and cultural experiences: also a place that had some charm and good healthcare. We decided the Piedmont was too close to family and we looked carefully around the Chapel Hill area, but it was too urban and congested.”

In the midst of their search, “one of Elizabeth's sisters asked if we had considered Pinehurst.  Neither one of us had ever been there though we had heard of it from parents and siblings,” says Jim.

After Elizabeth made the trip to explore the area, she reported back that it was charming and fitted much of their criteria: beautiful architecture, small-town feel, great healthcare, local community college, near enough to urban areas like Raleigh and Charlotte, and it even had its own general aviation airport (Jim is a pilot).

These days the Fishers “play ‘at’ golf” but are admittedly not fanatics, saying, “Golf isn’t the only reason we located here, but we’re enjoying it more now with all of the variety and convenience of the resort’s many courses.” 

Through serving on the board of the Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives and the Community Foundation, Jim says there is much to know and enjoy about Pinehurst beyond the good golf and mellow weather.  

Although they still hold on to many of their midwestern values, life appears to be vibrant now for the Fishers camped out in the heart of Pinehurst … and they are forever grateful for the Tufts’ family vision and heritage that makes residing within the village borders a paradise they are happy to call “home.”

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