For the first time in history, the United States Golf Association will hold its two biggest and most prestigious tournaments at the same venue—the renowned Pinehurst #2. And if that’s not impressive enough, these events are scheduled to occur in back-to back weeks this June.

For Moore County, home to the Village of Pinehurst and a number of other wonderful towns and communities, this will be the third time it has hosted the Men’s US Open and the third time for the Women’s US Open since 1999. As you might imagine, these two week-long events are huge contributors to the local economy. But the more exciting is the lasting impact that results from the global coverage of these events. Just imagine, for two full weeks this year, Moore County will be on the tips of millions of tongues.

With each of the last events, Moore County sees a jump in interest from people wanting to move to the area. This time around, community leaders are more engaged than ever before. Our plan is to make sure people see Moore County for what it really is; a diverse area with unique communities offering a wide range of housing, lifestyle and job opportunities. Golf is a huge part of what we are, but it’s not what defines us. The goal of this website is to make sure people understand this and have an easy way to find out more about the area.

So whether you’re a horse-lover, an art-lover, an outdoorsman, an entrepreneur, a musician or whatever, Moore County has a ton to offer. Including some pretty great golf!

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