Taylortown, NC 


The Town of Taylortown was originally founded in the early 1900s as the home for the employees of Pinehurst’s hotels and golf courses.  Today, it is a small, residential community located on the outskirts of Pinehurst.  Residents here have a strong sense of community and pride in the town's heritage.

The PineCroft Shopping Center opened in January 2016 and even though its mailing address is Pinehurst, this retail development is actually located within the town limits of Taylortown. PineCroft features the country's largest Harris Teeter grocery store at 78,200 square feet compared to the 48,000 to 53,000 square feet of other Harris Teeter stores.  Read more about this Harris Teeter >>


2020 Population: 637 estimate
2022 Tax Rate: $.50 per $100 valuation
Town Contacts: James Thompson, Mayor
Rita Maness, Town Clerk
Address: 8350 Main Street
Taylortown, NC  28370
Phone Number: 910-295-4010
Website: www.taylortown.org