Carolina Hotel, Pinehurst



Carolina Hotel, 1895


In 1895, James Walker Tufts of Boston purchased 6,000 acres at $1.00 per acre that became Pinehurst Resort.  Mr. Tufts contracted with famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central Park in New York City and the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC, to design the Resort in the style of a New England village.  Although it was established in 1895, the Village of Pinehurst was not incorporated as a municipality until 1980.

Today, the Village of Pinehurst is a scenic resort community with 17,100 residents (2018 estimate) and is the largest municipality in Moore County.  The Village, including the Pinehurst Resort, is often referred to as the home of golf in the United States.  It may be best known as home to Pinehurst Resort's world-renowned No. 2 golf course where unprecedented in history, both the U.S. Men’s Open and the U.S. Women’s Open Championships were played on Pinehurst No. 2 back-to-back in June, 2014.   No. 2 was also host to the 1999 and 2005 U.S. Men’s Open Championship, among many other golfing events and tournaments.  The U.S. Men's Open will return to Pinehurst in 2024.

Pinehurst Resort, which includes the beautiful Carolina Hotel and luxurious Spa at Pinehurst, features golf courses No. 1 through 9.  In 1996, the Village of Pinehurst and Pinehurst Resort were given National Landmark status for their significant role in U.S. golf history.  This is the only golf-related designation of its kind in the United States.  But there is a lot more to Pinehurst than just golf!


Safewise 2017 Safest Cities in NC

The Village of Pinehurst has been named in the top 3 “Safest Cities to Live in North Carolina” for the 5th year in a row!  For 2018, Pinehurst is ranked as the #3 safest place to live in North Carolina by Safewise. 


The heart of the Village is a unique array of shops and bistros that offers something for everyone.  Residents and visitors alike notice and appreciate the special ambiance and natural beauty that is Pinehurst.

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2018 Population: 17,100 estimate
2020 Tax Rate: $.30 per $100 valuation
Village Contacts: John Strickland, Mayor
Jeffrey Sanborn, Village Manager (Colonel, US Army – Retired)
Address: 395 Magnolia Road
Pinehurst, NC  28374
Phone Number: 910-295-1900