R. Riveter, a manufacturer and retailer of unique, high-quality handbags, is going to be on a new episode of the national TV show “Shark Tank”, one year after first debuting their American-made handbags on the show.  This episode, airing on ABC on February 10, 2017, at 9 p.m. (ET), will share an exclusive behind-the-scenes update on R. Riveter’s massive growth since partnering with Shark investor Mark Cuban in 2016.

R. Riveter on Shark Tank Feb 2016Headquartered in Southern Pines, R. Riveter employs military spouses across the country and empowers them by providing mobile and flexible income.  Thanks to the financial investment and moral support of Cuban, the hard work and determination of military families across the country, and the perseverance and ingenuity of cofounders Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse who are military spouses themselves, the company has increased in size by 600%.  Lisa helps manage personnel and the business side of the company from her home in Minneapolis, while Cameron lives in Southern Pines and oversees the detail and design of each handcrafted garment bag at its operations headquarters there. 

“As R. Riveter grows, so does our mission” to inspire, engage and empower, said Cruse.

Learn more about the origins and growth of the company at www.rriveter.com

Photo courtesy of R. Riveter

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