Located within 30 minutes of Fort Bragg's main post area, Moore County has a number of wonderful communities ideal for active duty military and their families. With easy access to parks and pools, family-friendly neighborhoods, and less crime and traffic, this area can be a better option than communities closer to the base. Many military families have already made the decision to move to Moore County; about 10% of students in the area’s schools have a military background, a 40% increase in just 5 years. The community also offers great resources to help support service members, their spouses, and children. Wondering what you can do to help the military families in our area? Check out this list!

1. Offer to watch the children of a deployed military member so that his or her spouse can attend a support group, like the Sandhills Military Wives Club

2. On Memorial Day, write an online tribute to a fallen soldier.

3. Start a carpool with families at your school with a deployed parent. (Did you know 30% of the student body at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School in Whispering Pines is military?) 

4. Send a care package to a military member or to their family.

5. Donate to an organization that supports service members, like the Moore County Red Cross Chapter which helps military personnel and their families communicate during emergencies. 

6. Read with a child who has a deployed parent, and donate books to schools and libraries impacted by the military.

7. Send cards or letters to soldiers to remind them of the support they have back home.

8. Attend local fundraiser nights for organizations that support military members and their families, like the one held at Chili’s in Southern Pines.  

9. Plan a celebration for a soldier’s homecoming.  

10. Host a collection drive for items that can be included in care packages for troops.

11. Help military students transition when they move to a new area by volunteering or donating to an organization like Military Child.  

12. Volunteer at a local military hospital, like the Womack Army Medical Center.

13. Thank service members, their spouses, and their children for their service to our country.

14. Own a business or restaurant? Offer a discount to military personnel or a free meal on Veterans Day.

15. Recognize the service of military children by hosting an event for kids with deployed parents in April, the Month of the Military Child.

16. Make a home-cooked meal for a family who has a parent serving in the military.

17. Serve as a mentor to a child with a parent who is serving through a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont

18. Donate a gently used cell phone to a charity like Cell Phones for Soldiers, which provides free minutes of talk time to deployed troops.

19. If you have a neighbor with a deployed spouse, offer to help with household chores like mowing the lawn.

 20. Volunteer with an organization that provides programs for the children of deployed soldiers, like Operation Military Kids.

The Moore County community works to support service members and their families each and every day, and is actively recruiting military families. These are just a few of the many ways that you can help military families in our area. From volunteering to sending letters to simply thanking someone for his or her service, all of these actions show military families our gratitude for what they’re doing. Are you a military spouse living in our area? Let us know in the comment what our community can do to help you!

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