Situs is a global commercial real estate investment firm that assists its clients with both making and monitoring investments. It has offices around the world in major cities such as London, New York, Frankfurt, and Madrid. In 2007, though, the company opened an office in what might have been seen as an unexpected location: Robbins, North Carolina.

Formerly a textile mill town, Robbins is home to just over one thousand residents. Over the past few decades, the town has been hurt by the loss of its furniture and textile industries, but today, in a building that previously housed a sock manufacturer, you will find the local Situs office.

Steven Bean, Senior Managing Director at Situs, grew up in Robbins. While many in the industry have turned to offshoring, Bean knew that that wasn’t the answer; instead, he wanted to tap into the valuable workforce in the local community. Bean believed that Robbins was home to well-educated, hardworking individuals; all that was missing was training in commercial real estate.

As a result, Situs has partnered with Sandhills Community College to create training initiatives that prepare Robbins students for jobs as Situs analysts, enhancing the education of community members while also providing the firm with a dependable source of well-trained employees. Staying on shore has paid off for Situs, which is known for its high quality work and staff support that result in part from staff loyalty, low turnover rates, and ease of communication with clients.

The company's decision to stay local has garnered national media attention, with news outlets such as USA Today, Triad Business Journal, and Bloomberg all profiling Situs, the positive impact that it has had on Robbins, and the benefits that the company has seen, as well.

Since 2007, the Situs office has grown to around 100 employees, with the potential to expand to as many as 300 in the coming years. The company is providing community members with quality employment opportunities and the chance to apply what they have learned in their training programs, and the potential for expansion in the future is exciting for everyone in the community.

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