After watching the neat video about some of the cool places to shop, eat, and visit in the Town of Southern Pines, it is easy to see why Southern Pines is named one of the best places to retire in North Carolina – again. Downtown Southern Pines

Pinehurst joins Southern Pines on the list.  For the 2nd year in a row, these communities are ranked in the top 5 Best Places to Retire in North Carolina list by SmartAsset.   For 2017, Pinehurst is ranked #3 and Southern Pines is #4. 

SmartAsset is a financial technology company based in New York City that provides online tools and advice regarding personal finances.  To compile their list of best places to retire, SmartAsset gathered data on three separate regional factors that affect the quality of life for retirees:

1) State and local tax rates, both income and sales taxes;

2) The number of doctors’ offices, recreation centers and retirement centers per thousand residents in each area; and

3) The number of seniors in each area as a percentage of the total population.

Carriage ride - downtown Pinehurst

Each county and city was ranked using these three factors, and an average ranking was calculated for each area, weighting the three factors equally.

This ranking just affirms what residents already know about these 2 communities -- both Pinehurst and Southern Pines are great places to live.  While retirees will appreciate the area’s golf, temperate climate, and abundance of medical and senior care services, the exceptional quality of life here will appeal to all age groups.  There are activities and amenities for all to enjoy!

Ready to make the move?

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