Town of Aberdeen, NCLocated in the southern part of Moore County, Aberdeen, North Carolina is a small town full of historical character. Settled by Scottish emigrants in the 1700’s, the town was known as Bethesda and Blue’s Crossing before it adopted its current name in the later part of the nineteenth century. Aberdeen grew to be a railroad and commercial center, and it has been flourishing ever since. Today, just under 6,500 people call the town “home,” and its major industries include tourism, healthcare, and education. In fact, North Carolina’s very first community college, Sandhills Community College, is located in Aberdeen.

While Aberdeen is lucky to experience beautiful weather for most of the year, there are plenty of things to explore in the town, rain or shine. If you enjoy spending time outside, the town is home to four different parks that offer opportunities to fish, boat, and enjoy picnics. Colonial Heights also offers 2 baseball fields and a sand volleyball court for those of you who enjoy a pick-up game with friends. And a favorite among children is Aberdeen Lake Park’s train-themed playground.

If you’d rather stay indoors, you can check out Aberdeen’s restaurants and shops. Aberdeen Cafe is a family-friendly, local restaurant near the train tracks that is known for its “homestyle cooking with a fresh twist.” Enjoy the live music there on Fridays, and try the delicious “Train Track Turkey Club” as you watch trains pass by. Step into Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills to buy beautiful, hand-crafted pottery made by North Carolina potters, or visit the Exchange Street Gallery of Fine Art to see beautiful exhibits often showcasing local artists.

One of the best parts of Aberdeen is its history. In its historic downtown, there are over 100 buildings with architectural styles dating from the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s. A host of galleries, boutiques, art exhibits, and antique and collectible stores are sure to keep you busy. But the chance to engage with this town’s rich history and culture doesn’t end there. Stop by the Union Station Railroad Museum and see the preserved Union Station Depot, a renovated caboose, and 1 of only 2 inspection cars left in the entire United States. Or, pay a visit to Malcolm Blue Farm, an 1825 farmhouse and museum that lets you have a glimpse into the lives of early pioneers in the area. Explore exhibits that include “The Pioneer Woman” and the “Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads,” or head to the Malcolm Blue Tobacco Pack House for an interactive learning experience for children; there’s everything from a quilting room to carving and whittling programs.

Aberdeen is full of character, charm, and history that make visitors want to stay. Whether you’re moving here or just want to experience our town for a weekend, we can’t wait for you to see all that Aberdeen has to offer!

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